• Cost - $256.00 for Regular size kits with 18" openings.
  • Cost - $321.00-$331.00 for Regular Size Kits with 24" openings
  • Cost - Starting at $410.00 for Custom Size Kits with 18" openings** More if deeper than 10" or decorative modification.
  • Cost - Starting at $485.00 for Custom Size Kits with 24" openings** More if deeper than 10" or decorative modification.
  • Cost - Call for price - for custom Kits over 24" opening.

Click on "How to Order" tab and scroll down to see which kits are regular size. All other measurements will be custom sizes. 
Parts include Free Shipping to the Continental USA - VIA Fed-Ex.. NO PO Boxes for Free Shipping. Receipt of item can take up to 7 Business days after part is manufactured and shipped. Manufacturing is usually up to 48 hours.  If you want priority or express shipping please ask for a quote for those shipping preferences.. 

**NOTE:   DUE TO THE COMPLEXITY OF THE WORK, CUSTOM PARTS ARE NON REFUNDABLE. WE REQUIRE DRAWINGS AND OR CUT OUT OF TUB TO DO CUSTOMS,  CALL FOR INFO ON HOW TO DO. IF YOU ORDER WRONG SIZE WE CAN FIX IT FOR AN ADDITIONAL FEE, BUT WE WILL NOT GIVE A REFUND.   Inserts wider than 7 1/4" at any measurement is $25 additional charge, Deeper then 10" is additional $50 each inch. Custom parts can take from 3 days to 3 weeks to manufacture depending on complexity of the part, many are shipped within 1 week of ordering.

NOTE****Some parts may have minor imperfections in them. We do our best to remove these prior to shipping, however sometimes we can't. These usually look like scratches and most are on the edges and will be covered by the caulking. 
  • This is a do-it-yourself step-through bathtub conversion kit
  • Most REGULAR SIZE KITS have an 18" opening but a few have a 24" opening. see list on how to order page. If you want any other size opening or depth then that part will be a CUSTOM Size Insert.
  • Will work on Fiberglass and Cast Iron Bathtubs.
  • We have a variety of different size molds for making parts from. these are the  REGULAR SIZE KITS.
  • If you bathtub has fancy work on outside or has odd shapes we can accomodate you. - These will be the CUSTOM SIZE KITS.
  • If your bathtub cutout can not be centered on the tub due to a sink or toilet that is in the way then we can manufacture a CUSTOM SIZE KIT for you. However call as we may have a part not shown on page that will work for you.
  • All our parts are made of Quality Fiberglass with a Gelcoat Finish.
  • All parts are in color WHITE. - They can be painted with appliance paint to match your existing bathtub color.
  • No Modification needed to be done to product when you receive it, Just install the part when received.!!!  Easiest insert on the internet to install.
  • After installed all you will need is a Shower Curtain.
  • You can install this yourself in less time than it takes to watch a movie, unless you have a steel or cast iron tub. those take longer.
  • We provide the Bathtub saddle and template shown in picture to right and complete instructions with pictures for how to install this product.
  • You only need to purchase a Good Waterproof Silicone Adhesive - available at your local hardware store. This is not included in our kits. 
  • We don't manufacture the part until you order it so that we can give you the best fitting product. Therefore it takes time to manufacture the product.


Go to Installation page for instructions on installing this product. 

Specificaitons :
"I spent hours searching different ideas for how to modify my mothers bathroom from converting the tub to a shower or tearing out the entire tub and putting in a shower stall. Then I came across your web site. Not only do you have a great product but it is the best price I have found.  You really  listened to me and helped me each step of the way, You also saved me hundreds of dollars, Thanks Peoria Fiberglass, I will recommend you for sure. - Max 

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Product - Bathtub Step-Thru Saddle Conversion Kit
Don't see your size listed on the 'How to Order' page then we can do a custom insert for you based on your measurements. See the Bathub Saddle page for pricing.