Products - Bathtub Conversion Reversal Part
Cost $255.00 for openings up to 19" - Small
Cost $290.00 for openings from 19" to 24"- Medium
Cost $330.00 for openings from over 24" to 30"- Large
Call for price for over 30"
Above prices do not include Shipping - that is extra!
  • Product is also a DIY product
  • Will work on most bathtubs that have been converted to a step thru bathtub before.
  • No Mess - Quick and easy to install.
  • Will fit on any cutout that is from 18" long to 34" long.
  • Part is supported with metal and installed with pop rivets and silicone.
  • You only need to purchase waterproof adhesive silicone to keep tub from leaking.
  • The part is only 3' thick so it will fit almost any cutout there is.
  • The thin part leaves room for the user to place soap or shampoo bottles etc.
  • Only comes in White color - can be painted with Appliance paint which you get from local hardware store.

If you want to order the bathtub reversal part do the following
  • Measure the bathtub opening (of cutout area) length at top of opening and at bottom of opening.
  • Measure how deep the opening is.
  • Call us at 623-935-2277 or (623) 910-5874

Go to Installation page for instructions on installing this product. 
We offer a Bathtub Reversal Part to Put your Step-thru tub back into a useable bathtub.
I purchased a home that had a its bathtub already cut out for a stepthru, but I didn't feel that I was ready for this step in my life yet. I still liked taking baths, so when I heard that there was  a product that I could purchase to fix my tub back into a bathtub again, I was so happy. And the best part is that when I do need to have the tub as a step thru then this part is easily removeable. Thanks so much.- Sal P.
Have a step thru tub that you want to use as a bathtub again, but don't want to pay high prices to convert it back. We have your answer. 
We offer a product that will convert your bathtub back into a useable bathtub without all the mess.

We only need to know how long the tub is and we will supply you with a part that will work. You will need to modify it some to fit your opening but we give you all the instructions necessary to complete that task. 
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